limited editions
small batch production

Our small batch production gives us the opportunity to show the different and unique flavors that Ecuadorian cacao has to offer. We are continuing to explore ancient flavors and techniques that assist us in producing quality bean to bar chocolate.

We use a wide assortment of quality products such as organic coffee beans, golden berries, mango, cacao nib and other ingredients. 1982 chocolate strives to provide you with all the rich flavors Ecuador has to offer.

What everybody should know
Benefits of Dark Chocolate

In addition to being delicious, Dark Chocolate is very nutritious. It’s a powerful source of antioxidants. Studies have shown that it may improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, improve brain function and help regulate cholesterol. Dark chocolate is also a natural source of caffeine and may protect your skin from ultraviolet light.

Eating a delicious piece of chocolate can possibly reduce stress levels; it works by stimulating the production of endorphins that may give rise to a happy feeling. In addition, the dark variety of chocolate contains stimulants such as theobromine and caffeine, which are major stimulants.

single origin
chocolate from Ecuador

For many years, Ecuador has been recognized as the largest fine or flavored cacao producer in the world. The country produces a special kind of cacao, with floral aroma profiles.

When European traders came across it in Gulf of Guayaquil, they asked the merchants where these amazing cacao beans came from. The locals answered “Arriba” – “up-river”, meaning the further up the watersheds of the rivers that reach the gulf. The name stuck, and to this day, this cacao is known in Ecuador as “Cacao Arriba”.

Our process for limited small batch chocolate productions

We start by getting the cacao from a single origin due to the unique flavors of each specific area. The cacao is pitted and undergoes a very carefully monitored fermentation that is crucial to producing our unique flavor.

The seeds are then roasted at 248-338 Fahrenheit and separated from their shells, leaving only the famous nibs. After this, the nibs go through a rigorous grinding process during which the nibs are transformed into refined 100% pure cacao liquor.

At this time, sugar is added in various amounts to create the different percentages of dark chocolate. From this step, the liquid chocolate moves into the tempering process. This technique consists of courses of repetitious cooling and heating to produce the signature crisp and shiny consistency of chocolate.

This paste is then transferred to specialized molds so they can solidify. Lastly, the bars are unmolded and packaged into our unique cane paper boxes.