1892 Premium Organic Chocolate is a family venture that combines the love of chocolate and experience of our older generation with the innovative ideas of our younger generation. It was jointly named after this period in history where chocolate production flourished in Ecuador.

1892 Premium Organic Chocolate exhibits ancestral techniques to produce intense and unforgettable cacao flavors developed since its discovery by the Ecuadorian tribe “Mayo Chinchipe” in 3485 B.C. 1892 was a momentous year in history. Carl Morrison invented the electrical automobile, Frederick Ives invented color photography and Ecuador became the number one producer of cacao in the world. During this time, 40 thousand metric tons of harvested cacao were exported, earning the name “La Pepa de Oro” (the golden seed).

Our 1892 chocolate recipes use Ecuadorian Cacao Arriba characterized for its distinct floral aroma and unique profile due to the areas climate, soil & light. The legend tells us that when the cacao was transported up the Guayas River, you could smell the strong aroma of the cacao. When the villagers were asked, “Where is this cacao coming from?” They yelled, “de Rio Arriba” meaning “Upriver”, thus originating the name.